Understanding the Difference: Cloud-Based vs Web-Based Applications


With the way the Internet and technology are changing these days, it can be very difficult for people to choose between the different options that are present before them. There are a few things that are considered to be the present, past, and future of technology and cloud computing is undoubtedly one of them. Cloud computing can be considered one of the hottest technological trends in the last few years as it had a major impact on every business.

However, the web development industry is also not very different as there are hundreds and hundreds of websites and web applications based on different cloud services and this is why it is very confusing for people to determine what is the difference between these two applications. Are Cloud applications better or are web applications better for your business? If you are also stuck between cloud-based vs web-based then this comprehensive article will be of help to you so, make sure to read every little detail shared in the article.

What are Cloud-Based Applications?

Before we tell delve deeper into the differences between web-based and cloud-based applications, it is important to have a basic understanding of these two types of applications. You need to understand both categories deeply to determine the results between web applications vs cloud applications.

The cloud-based applications are not very different from web-based applications as these applications use cloud data to store content and can also be accessed offline which means there is no need for internet if you do not have it. 

Cloud-based applications are created as a mixture of the regular desktop software and the standard web apps that were present which means that cloud-based applications are an even more advanced version of web apps. 

Since these applications work in the cloud storage, you do not need a lot of storage space as your content and data will be stored in the cloud storage. There are some very famous cloud-based applications that we use on a daily basis like Evernote, sales force, Zoho, and Dropbox.

What are Web-Based Applications?

Web-based computing is a term that has been used a lot and this method is the basis of web-based applications. It is important to understand the functioning and overview of a web-based application if you want to differentiate between cloud-based applications and web-based ones. As you can gather from the name, web-based applications will require a web browser whenever you want to access the application. These applications are created using a server-side script like PHP or ASP and a client-side script like Java or HTML.

The web-based applications depend heavily on web servers and web browsers that you are using to use these applications as the fundamental function of the application can only be completed if you are online and using a web browser. 

What are the Major Differences Between a Cloud-Based and a Web-Based Application?

After the basic understanding that you have gathered with the information given here in the article, let’s move forward and know about the major differences that make these two types of applications different from each other.


The main difference that you will see between these two applications is their structure. While web-based applications rely heavily on the internet for their functioning, you do not require a web browser If you are using a cloud-based application. Another thing that you do not need is the Internet if you have saved your data in a cloud-based application.


Customization of the two applications is a very common difference between web-based and cloud-based. A cloud-based application permits you to change the features and functions of the application based on your specific needs, however, web applications do not provide this customization to the users of the application.


If we compare the security of both applications then, it is very evident that cloud-based applications are more secure in comparison to web-based applications. Cloud-based applications have a specific server that will safeguard and protect your data and keep it confidential, on the other hand, web-based applications require servers to validate the data that you have entered which means that it can be accessed from different devices.


With the information that we have shared here, we can gather that cloud-based application are a little better and more secure than web-based applications and are easier to use.

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