How to Become a Mobile App Developer

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With an unprecedented surge in the software development industry and the consistent advancement of internet speed and accessibility, businesses and services have started to jump to the online mode. In the past few years, the usage of mobile has only expanded exponentially, surpassing traditional desktops, laptops, or even tablets. According to Statista, global mobile sales increased from 122.32 million USD in 2007 to 1,339.51 million USD in 2023. 

The groundbreaking trend has given a remarkable rise to the mobile app development career. From small-scale businesses to pioneering companies, every domain requires a mobile app to streamline its operations. The necessity of CRM solutions for accelerating sales, workforce management software for companies, and other ERPs has led to the incorporation of mobile app development companies.

From this piece of writing, we are going to discuss how to become a mobile app developer and scale in the career of this domain. We will make sure to make you understand every step that is required to successfully develop an app. Nonetheless, if you find the path not smooth enough according to your working domains, you can hire our mobile app developer and align your business easily.

Who is a mobile app developer? 

To make sure the role is not distorted and a clear crystal structure of the nature of work is analyzed, let’s discuss what a mobile app developer does. Hence, to keep it simple – “A software developer who engages in translating codes and programs for mobile applications, taking into account the UI/UX, development, and implementation, can be called a mobile app developer.” Every platform or device that has mobility will need an application. Therefore, depending on the device size, interface, as well as operating system (OS), mobile app developers create the applications.

Skills required to become a mobile app developer

There are a large number of skill sets required to become a mobile app developer. However, for beginners, let us discuss a few: 

  1. Programming languages
    Well, programming languages to app developers is like a heart to the body. Although we are living in the age of low-code or no-code web/app development, a basic knowledge of the coding environment is essential. Plus, when an application demands complex integration and functionalities, programming languages become a must. Depending upon the specialization a developer foresees for himself, he can excel in that language. For instance – Kotlin and Java for Android app development, Swift and Objective-C for iOS app development, and Python, C#, and Dart for cross-platform mobile app development. On the other hand, programmers utilize PHP for those mobile applications that require database access.
  2. Analytical skills
    The most important thing after having learned the relevant programming languages is to have a mind capable enough to draw meaningful analyses and make decisions fruitfully. Successful app creation isn’t all about perfect coding and designing. An application is an idea. It is supposed to solve a problem, otherwise, data shows that the majority of applications hosted on the Play Store and Apple Store are not used more than once. No matter how accurate the coding is, an application must serve its purpose competitively to survive and later thrive in the market. This skill can be gained through learning reasoning and logic. Also, the more experience you have listening to the client’s challenges and proposals, the more you will be able to catch the latent desire or need.
  3. Communication skills
    Communication skill is like the potato in every job. In the absence of it, no work can be done and delivered effectively and efficiently. A mobile app developer must be well-versed in delivering the right connotation to the client, while at the same time being patient enough to listen to the other party and give solutions accordingly.
  4. Teamwork
    Finally, a developer should be flexible and adaptable enough to work in an environment where different ideas float and compete to survive. The process of mobile app development requires a lot of research work, idea generation, content creation, designing, mockups, etc. All this work cannot be done by a single person. Hence, the delegation would be called, and therefore, different ideas will come into being. A successful developer needs to be a team player. 

How to become a mobile app developer? 

A mobile app developer goes through a series of learning processes that stretches from one to seven years. Depending on the chosen domain, market needs, competition, and grasping power, a developer works on the below-mentioned points: 

  • Bootcamp for coding 

The demand for programming and IT specialists has increased manifold in the market. Due to this, it was practically not possible to wait for the degree batch holders and utilize them later. As a result, coding experts and app development company professionals designed short-term courses to teach coding enthusiasts the environment of programming languages, especially JavaScript, SQL, and Python. The specialty of Bootcamp is that it is precisely designed with industry orientation, unlike degrees that are more inclined towards colleges and research. Boot camps usually provide a course of nine to twelve months. Upon its completion, a person can enter the industry directly, however, limitations do come in the later part of his life. 

  • Relevant degree 

In solving complex matrices and understanding data structuring, most companies prefer degree holders to delegate tasks. While a degree might seem a burden in the beginning, in the long term it turns out to be very fruitful and helps the person climb the corporate ladder smoothly and rapidly. Nevertheless, it is quite important to choose the right syllabus. As the technological world is continuously evolving, it is required by the institutes to innovate the course structure too. Anyone interested in obtaining a degree can go for a bachelor’s degree in computer science (BCS), computer application (BCA), management information systems (MIS), or software engineering. 

  • Specialization/niche selection  

The domain of mobile application development is quite vast and far-flung. It is naturally not possible for a normal person to cover every aspect of the development process, that too in the initial stages. Hence, it is advised to narrow down the approach and select a particular field as per his choice or expertise. For example – a mobile app developer might find Java more interesting, then perhaps he can narrow down further to understand the mechanism of Android. In the second case, another developer might find Object-C or Swift desirable, then he is advised to go and learn the ecosystem of iOS. According to the coding language preference, the roles will be decided, viz; Android app developer, iOS app developer, or perhaps cross-platform app developer through Flutter and React Native. 

  • Internship

The internship stage is followed by degree completion. To gain industry experience and a working environment in the IT domain, developers are advised to pursue an internship before landing a full-time job. Although there is no such restriction, as degrees are more syllabus-bound, therefore, the direct application of the knowledge is bridged by the training in the internship. 

  • Full-time job or freelancing 

Having achieved the degree and completed the period of internship, you are all set to land in your dream company and start working as a mobile app developer in your preferred domain. However, in case you are more comfortable working alone, or maybe not fit enough to adapt to the corporate environment, freelancing is another popular option. With the advent of remote culture popularism, freelancing is not a difficult task anymore. All you need, besides your technical skills, are marketing tools. You can market your technical skills and bring projects for yourself. 

Is it worth being a mobile app developer? 

The reason for choosing a mobile app development career is not only related to a higher income scale but there are many benefits associated with it. Can anyone deny the transformation of business mode? The traditional mode is being scrapped or at least subsided, and the age of digitalization is bringing every business online. This, therefore, generates the need for app creation. In the post-COVID era, it has become essential to have a mobile app, irrespective of your company’s size. Mobile application helps company owners to strengthen their brand value and target customers easily. 

In the upcoming ten years, the scope for mobile app development does not seem to slow down. Therefore, if you are looking forward to building your career in this sector, the signal is green. 


Despite having ample opportunities to learn languages for coding and obtain the required skills to become a mobile app developer, it is not feasible for every person to invest time and money in that. Businesses on the other hand require mobile applications for various purposes. 

If your business has still not entered the realm of digitalization, do not delay any further. We are a top mobile app development company in the USA and have been delivering successful apps for more than 15 years. Get in touch with us and plan your mobile application for your successful business growth.

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